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Jan 2019
Simon Leischnig
Jan 07 14:01

Hello! Before diving into a full-blown fork-and-customization of ultisnips, I would like to ask:
Does any one else experience that snippet expansion and macros don't work together?

I am debuggin this for a few days right now, and I tried replacing macro registers so that they contain Ultisnips#[...] calls in place of the tab trigger, to no avail.
My issue is, that jumping between placeholders is not played back correctly when replaing a recorded macro. Can anyone confirm this?

I find this feature much needed and I imagine it to be very powerful in my workflow, since expanding US snippets is already part of it nearly every minute. Every time I could use a macro, I have to consider: "would I expand a snippet here?" before going at it (and if the anwer is 'no', I will have to reconsider :( ).