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Feb 2015
Juho Vepsäläinen
Feb 19 2015 07:00
Firtina Ozbalikci
Feb 19 2015 10:38
great notes!
Matt Bilbow
Feb 19 2015 10:39
haha awesome
looks like react-modal isn't ok for production yet,
Firtina Ozbalikci
Feb 19 2015 11:51
is that just creating an element in the document then append it to the end of the body?

    this.node = document.createElement('div');
    this.node.className = 'ReactModalPortal';
i'd rather have this explicit tbh... e.g. in my 'app' i have my reactmodalcontainer, and then put it into the context or pass it down via props or place a reference in the store or something...