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    H Jiang
    Henry Wang
    Firzinat Khuzeev
    hello everyone
    H Jiang
    @huzferd @victorymen hi,this is smartmesh developer community,Any suggestions and discussions that will be valuable to our project will be valued,and smt token award will be given.
    Discussion on the blockchain technology will be very welcome,raiden, plasma, smart contract...
    H Jiang
    @asebak welcome SmartMesh deleveloper community,what can i do for u?
    @rectinajh I am trying to claim the bounty on the smartmesh site
    where you can take the developer course
    H Jiang

    There are many ways to get smt rewards.

    1. join our overseas developer node, spread our technology to developers around you, or organize overseas developers to discuss our blockchain technology (up to 10000smt)
      2, participate in our mission rewards:
      For example, develop a dapp on our spectrum public chain (up to 50000smt)
      Help us develop tool flow for dapp (up to 30,000smt)
      Review our code(smartplasma) (up to 5000smt)
      As a third-party developer, make a smartraiden instruction manual (up to 5000smt)
      You can also write some articles to help us promote the technology to the medium (up to 3000smt)
      help us find bugs in our github code(up to 100000smt)

    Anything that helps me accumulation of technology or useful advice, incentives can have smt:)

    @asebak Which one are you interested in?
    hi could u pls tell me who is in charge of listing coin???
    H Jiang
    @Kevinjin2018_gitlab what can i do for u?
    @rectinajh i've contacted an exchange for listing SMT.
    Is this still active?
    I want to understand smartmesh. I just downloaded android app. 1. When I signup where does the information go?
    I only want to use smartmesh for chatting. Do I still need to be part of some network or server?
    @rectinajh Can I self host everything?