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Nov 2015
Nov 02 2015 06:48
my bad. the issue was with power supply
Nov 02 2015 07:35
Hi guys I am wondering whether someone already got an mfrc-522 RFID reader working with Sming
I looked at the arduino library but the Sming SPI code is missing some API
I am wondering if those calls are really needed
Nov 02 2015 07:50
Thumbs up for HWPWM guys!
Nov 02 2015 09:42
What is max current consumption of ESP-12 maybe somebody knows? I mean when device is in full operation i.e. downloading file or sending data through wifi.
Nov 02 2015 09:44
I think something around peak 250
Nov 02 2015 09:45
OK thanks...
There is no official document of that?
Nov 02 2015 10:44
Has the way delayMicroseconds is implemented changed recently? Some finely-timed code has broken, but isnt with arduino :(
Nov 02 2015 15:30
@dmarkey :
No, not an update to that implementation. Don't know your application but if you do SDK calls along your delays, timing can/will be influenced by SDK processsing.
Nov 02 2015 15:58
yes i know
I'm trying to get rid of my delays using hardware timers, but if my reference implementation isnt working then that poses some challenges
Nov 02 2015 17:03
@zhivko i saw 289ma peak on esp12
@open-home-automation i tried same thing but it didnt work due to spi library. but arduino-esp8266 ide has this library and its working on hand
if you can port it i wish to try it
Nov 02 2015 20:20
@dmarkey : can you share how to plan to remove delay with HW_Timers ?