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Nov 2015
Tomáš Procházka
Nov 11 2015 20:48

@alonewolfx2 btw: led_ws2812 example working well for me and i have 8xws2812 internet connected night light :D

ws212 works me if I run just the example, but if I integrate it to my app, where WifiStation is enabled, it doesn't work, it generate completely different color, that should be, alway some green color. Weird. I will examine it with logic analyser when I will have time.

Nov 11 2015 20:55
@tprochazka I had similar issue
Nov 11 2015 22:07
I guess the issue is cpu load
those leds are very time sensitive
so if cpu is loaded..
message timming will screw
Nov 11 2015 22:15
I can see tha downloading from htttp for the purpose of rboot is (sometimes) very slow.... If I know correctly first time I was doing otaUpdater->start it was fast.
Now whenever I triger update (over websocket command), it is very very slow.
Maybe somebody know what could be the reason ?
Nov 11 2015 22:36
@zhivko :
What do you mean with trigger update over websocket command ?