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Nov 2015
Tomáš Procházka
Nov 18 2015 00:38
So problem was in that I call WifiStation.config() with "null" and it don't like it :-( But if you want to reset configuration is necessary to use WifiStation.config("","")
Nov 18 2015 06:24
@anyone tried atmega328 or attiny85 as a slave?
Or any i2c analog chip suggestions for mq6 series gas sensors?
@tprochazka also look at this (which @robotiko found), maybe it can be ported easily
but maybe I did not read the question fully, and the question is not about button (sorry)
Nov 18 2015 09:57
@tprochazka be aware that non of those libs reported by @alon24 are interrupt based, however seem to work quite nice.
I guess it is justa matter of adding the initial interrupt since the rest of the state detection machine works and it is ok for a pull design once the detection is done