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Nov 2015
Nov 20 2015 05:54
@crosofg try to flashinit taret for restoring default espressif ap settings.
Dmitry Kireev
Nov 20 2015 12:10
@robotiko it's called jing-same company as camtasia
Sorry for a belated response, still traveling
Nov 20 2015 12:14
I saw it
but .. is not for video upload.. but screen recording, rigth?
Nov 20 2015 17:05
How does one look up the offending function for an Exceptio?
Nov 20 2015 19:00
How does one read the voltage of a specific pin?
Nov 20 2015 20:04
@dmarkey the linker generates map file. It us footprint of adresses of functions in firmware.
@dmarkey you need to match one of three exception addresses and find it in map file than you can see where the code is breaking. I'm not currently at comp to help you more.