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Nov 2015
Richard Antony Burton
Nov 22 2015 08:28 UTC
@alonewolfx2 as @hreintke says Sming does not support sdk 1.4 yet, but there is a PR waiting with 1.4 support.
Nov 22 2015 08:46 UTC
@zdrc what specific pin? You have this 1pin for adc and that is it. Its 1V max. You can measure whatever you want with it. You only need to bring this voltage to adc pin.
Nov 22 2015 08:48 UTC
@raburton why didnt merget yet ?
is it ready?
Nov 22 2015 09:38 UTC
@alonewolfx2 : This is a special case of supporting new SDK as when merging the PR it will break SDK 1.3.0 support.
Nov 22 2015 09:39 UTC
@hreintke understand.
one more think. it seems sometimes rboot or sdk cant read spi flash size correctly. here is 4mbit flash boot log
 ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(3,6)

load 0x40100000, len 1544, room 16 
tail 8
chksum 0x99
load 0x3ffe8000, len 700, room 0 
tail 12
chksum 0xd1
csum 0xd1

rBoot v1.2.1 -
Flash Size:   32 Mbit
Flash Mode:   QIO
Flash Speed:  40 MHz
rBoot Option: Big flash

Booting rom 0.

spiffs disabled

Currently running rom 0.
Type 'help' and press enter for instructions.

mode : null
Nov 22 2015 10:18 UTC
@alonewolfx2 :
Not yet completely sure but my current understanding is that spi size is not measured/known by rboot/sdk but "just set" by esptool based on spi_size parameter in makefile
Nov 22 2015 10:31 UTC
i set it to 4mbit
Nov 22 2015 10:51 UTC
and ota fail always
Nov 22 2015 10:59 UTC
when you have spi_size wrong, rboot initializes rootconfig wrong -> ota fails
Nov 22 2015 11:05 UTC
how can i fix it*
Nov 22 2015 11:20 UTC
4Mbit = 512Kbyte so use 512K for spi_size but then you also need to go for rom0/rom1 configuration for ota
Nov 22 2015 11:53 UTC
i choose this settings
# rBoot options, overwrite them in the projects
RBOOT_ROM_0      ?= rom0
RBOOT_ROM_1      ?= rom1
RBOOT_SPIFFS_0   ?= 0x100000
RBOOT_SPIFFS_1   ?= 0x300000
RBOOT_LD_0 ?= rom0.ld
RBOOT_LD_1 ?= rom1.ld
## Flash parameters
# SPI_SPEED = 40, 26, 20, 80
# SPI_MODE: qio, qout, dio, dout
SPI_MODE ?= qio
# SPI_SIZE: 512K, 256K, 1M, 2M, 4M
SPI_SIZE ?= 512K
Nov 22 2015 11:58 UTC
weird part is i choose bigflash support 0 but its booting with bigflash support
Nov 22 2015 12:34 UTC
Did you set big_flash in makefile-rboot ? I think you should set in makefile-user from project.
Richard Antony Burton
Nov 22 2015 12:55 UTC
@alonewolfx2 because windows users resisted it, apparently udk hadn't updated to 1.4 yet.
Richard Antony Burton
Nov 22 2015 14:05 UTC
@alonewolfx2 it looks like you've set those stylings in the,
Instead of the projects, which probably has values set for those variables too.
As for the spi size, this is set, not calculated. If you are on windows you might be using a bad old port of that doesn't correctly set the size when writing.
Nov 22 2015 14:10 UTC
@raburton propably its esptool issue
i changed on makefile user
i am trying to change esptool with new one
Nov 22 2015 14:27 UTC
@raburton : form where do linux users get the esptool ? is it part of open-esp-sdk ?
Nov 22 2015 14:52 UTC
Nov 22 2015 15:46 UTC
anyone tried scanneri2c example? it seems not working anymore
Richard Antony Burton
Nov 22 2015 15:52 UTC
@hreintke yes
Nov 22 2015 16:48 UTC
@alonewolfx2 I tried a couple of days ago and working nice
sdk 1.3.0 and develop
Nov 22 2015 19:25 UTC
how do I send/parse json strings? Is there any example?
Nov 22 2015 20:07 UTC
got it .
how do I test smartconfig? Which is the espressif App? Do I have to write my own app?