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Dec 2015
Dec 18 2015 09:09
why am i not getting clear text in the Serial Output
everythin is jumbled up
win 10, latst sming and sdk
Dec 18 2015 09:34
@piperpilot on windows, u can just get the latest and build it in the directory itself from the udk I have done that on my win machine, it compiles to exe
now we need to know where to get latest best working from
Dec 18 2015 09:52
if I am using 24Mhz crystal do I need to change the baud rate in esptool? to 69120?
Dec 18 2015 10:26
@alon24 :
doesn't build in udk directory require python installed ? What is then the benefit of creating the .exe above just using the .py
Dec 18 2015 10:53
Hi guys - maybe somebody knows how can I resolve symbol from Makefile in Eclipse CDT?
I am gettin warnings and red marks in eclipse CDT window Application.cpp - like Symbol 'RBOOT_SPIFFS_0' could not be resolved
firmware works ok - but it is just annoying.
Also I get: Symbol 'SPIFF_SIZE' could not be resolved
This are all varables from
Dec 18 2015 10:58

@hreintke @zhivko anyone?

if I am using 24Mhz crystal do I need to change the baud rate in esptool? to 69120?

Dec 18 2015 10:59
@crosofg - you use external crystal ? Why ?
If I manually define symbols under project properties in eclipse CDT - there are no warnings anymore.
But then I don't know weather compiled firmware took stuff from this symbols or from file
Dec 18 2015 11:12
Eclipse CDT and compiler each have separate settings
Red marks in CDT -> Eclipse setting needs update
For compiling -> Tricky statement so read careful : The setting in makefile is the input for compiling. There are defaults and you can update them in makefile. However, most of the defaults will be updated to the eclipse settings.
So if I am correct :
  • if set specific in makefile -> used
  • if set in eclipse -> used if not the above
  • use default from makefile
@crosofg : don't know. Statement is : When flashing baudrate is "autodetect". so baudrate in esptool can vary without effect on flashing. I do not know the limits of the autodetect
Dec 18 2015 11:19
@hreintke thanks