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Dec 2015
Dec 19 2015 12:13
Hi How can I use the mqtt implementaion of UDK in Sming
Dec 19 2015 13:10
just installing sming 2.0 on a new windows machine, why does it download eclipse luna and not Mars?
Dec 19 2015 13:14
Can this help?
to implement ssl
I am looking for ssl implementation of MQtt in sming
Dec 19 2015 13:15
k, so it installs 1.4 but thats no problem :)
Dec 19 2015 14:17
@crosofg : No is doesn't. Sming is already using LWIP and this just replaces the one from Espressif to a Sming version with the same functionality.
Main issue with Sming and SSL is the raw/event based lwip usage which is very specific/not frequently used -> no examples/starting point for implementation.
Dec 19 2015 14:25
can the mqtt ssl example from UDK 2.0.8 be included in sming
this has some ssl implementaion
Dec 19 2015 14:32
This is not the MQTT implementation which is used in sming and we should not have two.
This uses espconn (espressif) network layer, as opposed to sming lwip usage. Not preferred to have two.
We are currently investigating moving Sming from NONOS to RTOS SDK. I don't know yet how this MQTT implementation will fit in there
Curtis Pope
Dec 19 2015 14:57
@hreintke is the Serial PR based off of current develop...meaning is it up to date with current develop so I can check out the PR?
Dec 19 2015 16:11
@piperpilot : yes it is.
Dec 19 2015 22:48
can anyone help with eclipse, and changing the esp sdk on windows
I just installed windows. and do not know how to change location to point to new esp(alt.1.5)
Dec 19 2015 22:54
installed via choco, it installed udk 2.0.8 I think, it also installed java 1.8, but android studio does not like that so i moved back to 1.7 (changed java_home)
took sming latest dev
trying to compile and getting :
00:50:28 **** Build of configuration Sming for project SmingFramework ****
make rebuild 
AS system/irq_check.s
CC system/flashmem.c
In file included from include/user_config.h:29:0,
                 from system/flashmem.h:11,
                 from system/flashmem.c:1:
system/include/esp_systemapi.h:6:21: fatal error: ets_sys.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [out/build/system/flashmem.o] Error 1

00:50:30 Build Finished (took 1s.632ms)
I am on windows 10 64 bit
Dec 19 2015 23:09
@kireevco how do I work with esp-alt-sdk-1.5 on windows?
Dmitry Kireev
Dec 19 2015 23:10
Still under development, but most stuff works well
Extract it somewhere and point esp_home to it
I've added me analyzer
For Mac, Linux and Windows, espyool2, Esptool.exe
Alt sdk - links are wrong on GitHub
@alon24 I'm away from pc, @alonewolfx2 knows the link
Or just go to and get either one with -master- or with-gdb in file name
Dec 19 2015 23:27
I will try the link tomorow
Where Is the mem analyzer