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Dec 2015
Dec 23 2015 11:20
Hi. I see version 2 has been released but Chocolaty only has version 1.4 as the latest. Should I look to upgrade manually or hang on until this has been updated? Thanks, Simon
Curtis Pope
Dec 23 2015 15:51
hey guys, I just pulled the latest develop branch and when building an application I get the following:
/Users/cpope/git/Sming/Sming/ target `out/build/app' given more than once in the same rule.
OC out/build/libmain2.a
doesn't seem to be an issue...but probably something we want to fix
Dec 23 2015 21:20
About MqttClient. Waht the reason to set server, port while constructing, but not with separate method like in HttpServer? I mean - now I should setup broker address in MqttClient constructor. So I can't read config and get this addres from there.
Dec 23 2015 22:06
@piperpilot :
Can you submit an issue on SmingHub ? Then it is documented and in the overview to get fixed.
Or, if you already know how to fix submit a PR.