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Dec 2015
Dec 27 2015 11:57
@alon24 are you arround
Dec 27 2015 13:36
Question about "temperature_DS1820" example: it displays ONLY 60bit of 64 of "unique lasered ROM-ID". Where is the problem?
(I'll have to port AVR app that uses this ID to address sensors).
And another question: is there somewhere forum (or subforum) for Sming users/devs? As Gitter is quite volatile and not searchable.
Dec 27 2015 18:09
thx for the forum :), now waiting for some answer about DS: library or demo program problem?
Dmitry Kireev
Dec 27 2015 18:17
What is the abstraction level in Sming? can we mock hardware calls?
for testing purposes?
Dec 27 2015 19:36
What is "architecture" constant defined during compile? For AVR it is "AVR". And for ESP?
2 underscores AVR 2 underscores
Dec 27 2015 19:41
to be detected in program using #ifdef
Richard Antony Burton
Dec 27 2015 19:58
Have a look in the I think it's ets
Dec 27 2015 23:58
yes, there is -D'ets' switch in CFLAGS definition
2 underscores ets 2 underscores