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Dec 2015
Dec 30 2015 00:58
Does Sming support SSL or TLS?
Dec 30 2015 08:43
@zdrc not yet
Tomáš Procházka
Dec 30 2015 16:21
I have small question.
If I have this attachInterrupt(PIN_INPUT_SENSOR, interruptHandler, CHANGE);
is any change how to detect in the interruptHandler if the call was initiated with RAISING of FALLING EDGE?
Use digitalRead() is not accurate because it is current state, not the origin of the interrupt
Tomáš Procházka
Dec 30 2015 17:16
Weird is that RAISING is activated also when stae of pin is 0
Tomáš Procházka
Dec 30 2015 17:53
So really, if you are using RAISING interrupt, it sometimes react also on FALLING edge, without no reason. I tried to measure it with logic analyser and there is really just falling edge before interrupt routine was activated. Very weird.
Dec 30 2015 23:09
@tprochazka is it not some kind od mechanical contact? Maybe You need to bebounce?
pls provide url to change avatar
Dec 30 2015 23:20
@alonewolfx2 -- I am porting over a decompression library for JPG. Combined with an Oled and spiffy, this should be useful to others too. Inspiration came from