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Jan 2016
Jan 08 2016 00:52
no one can help about unwanted debug msgs?
i get the same with "Telnet_TCPserver_TCPclient" example
Jan 08 2016 06:58
Somebody use this LM75A insted of DS ?
Jan 08 2016 09:14
Dmitry Kireev
Jan 08 2016 17:12
@hreintke so,what is the problem in moving to ?
We created it 17 days ago, as you asked, and you never used it?
Jan 08 2016 19:01
I've managed to get automated creation and publishing of API documentation working on my fork - branch:doxygen. It works pretty well and creates a report of what documentation errors exist. (I have fixed the ones I introduced so the report is currently empty.) This uses Travis-CI. The container we use in travis uses Ubuntu 12.04 which has an older version of doxygen so some features are not implemented. The only one I noticed to be significant is mark down support.
Jan 08 2016 19:09
There is a hoop to jump through to make the automation working: Need to add a ssh public key to github and encrypt the ssh private key file with travis and add to project. I will create a PR for the documentation first then discuss how / who adds the automation step.
Jan 08 2016 21:20
Hi again, does anyone use android native code to connect to sming websocket?
Jan 08 2016 21:21
nopes here
faye or similar?
Jan 08 2016 21:28
Jan 08 2016 21:33
debuged the androdi websocket against tht demo
Jan 08 2016 22:57

@kireevco : I only can repeat what I said yesterday :

I planned to do that already but @anakod did not reply to any emails.
After three weeks of mailing he just created the sming_rtos repo without any further remark/comment.
Late december I asked for another repo to put microc in -> no answer.
I do not want to take the risk that I need something to add or change on the sminghub repo and then cannot progress.
So for now -> work from my repo, see what we then still need to update and wait for a reply :worried:

I am just waiting on a reaction from @anakod, not more, not less

Jan 08 2016 23:27
I found an android native lib that works with sming, will close the defect I opened
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