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Jan 2016
Jan 23 2016 11:37
Hi! Anyone know what AppVeyor is in GitHub. It is failing a PR and I haven't seen this before!
Looks like a Windows test build. Error is: Specify a project or solution file. The directory does not contain a project or solution file.
Jan 23 2016 11:53
@kireevco Will you have a look at PR #563 to see why AppVeyor is failing? Have you fully configured AppVeyor to work correctly yet or is there something wrong with the PR?
Jan 23 2016 12:43
@riban-bw : You can ignore the Appveyor failing. It is not configured correctly.
I've asked @kireevco to remove the check for now but that is not yet done
Jan 23 2016 20:04
@kireevco are you around