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Jan 2016
Jan 25 2016 03:49
@all, where i the code for HW-Timer? Sming no NOS 2.1.1
and what is resolution of HW timer? us?
Jan 25 2016 04:41
@robotiko i had read about usb/serial gdb on but i was under the impression that performance wasn't as good as with good old jtag I'll give it a try... I don't like much shooting blinded and hope to hit target. I like to follow code execution as it sometimes reveal unforeseen issues
Jan 25 2016 06:00
@laurentppol : HWTimer is not in the 2.1 release. It ia available in the develop branch.
Resolution is microseconds.
Jan 25 2016 06:57
@hreintke access point working on rtos sdk
Also I saw interrupts added into the rtos sdk too. Can you confirm and update rtos Readme file?
I am on mobile now
Jan 25 2016 07:24
guys can the usb port of a android phone be used for I2C Communication?
or the audio jack?
Jan 25 2016 13:34
I suggest you read on HiJack
Audio ports are designed for audible frequencies, so below 20khz or so. Your speed may be slow but feasible
Jan 25 2016 13:39
As for usb port, yes it can be used to communicate data. There are also cheap bluetooth modules which can be attached to a microcontroller as a replacement of a official uart
*physical uart
Jan 25 2016 14:43
theres no microC I am trying to interface MCP23017 i2c port expander with android phone
Jan 25 2016 15:24
@alonewolfx2 :
Yes, Interrupts are in RTOS now Not yet tested but the code until now was 75% commented out. It is better to have this in now so it can be used/tested.
Yes, Readme needs to be updated. Not only for interrupts but also for other items already in or limitations gone.
Will update in the coming days.
Jan 25 2016 19:10
Hi. What changes I need to do in basic_rboot to enable ota in a regular esp-01 with 512k?
Only need one rom