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Feb 2016
Feb 12 2016 11:42
@zhivko :
Cant reproduce the fatal exception. Looking at the epc1 it could due to writing.
Are you sure it is at the Serial1.readbytes statement ?
Any specific writes to serial/serial1/debugf in you app ?
Feb 12 2016 12:57
Anybody here?
Feb 12 2016 13:30
Feb 12 2016 13:59
hey @ystrem how are you doing ?
have you had chance to try uart receive on sming rtos ?
I am trying with SerialReadingDelegateDemo.h to catch characters that are comming from a device, but it seems that onData is too slow to fetch all characters...
I tried to add IRAM_ATTR to the onData method
but I had:
include/SerialReadingDelegateDemo.h:21:17: error: void SerialReadingDelegateDemo::onData(Stream&, char, short unsigned int) causes a section type conflict with void StepperTimerInt()
  void IRAM_ATTR onData(Stream& stream, char arrivedChar, unsigned short availableCharsCount)
Feb 12 2016 14:14
Sry I'm at work, I can test it later at home...
Feb 12 2016 14:20
@alon24 :
I tested the hardwarePWM and have no issue with SetDuty from timer.
I have a different type of motor than you, so not a 100% equal test but very close.
This is my code :

int CAR::drive (carDirection reqDirection, int reqSpeed)
    int dutyOffset = reqSpeed / 2 ;
    int dirSign = (reqDirection == FORWARD) ? 1 : -1 ;

    hardwarePWM->setDuty(motorPin, stopDuty + (dirSign * dutyOffset));
    debugf("Car duty set to : %d\r\n",stopDuty + (dirSign * dutyOffset));


void driveCar()
    carDirection cd;
    cd = ((carstatus % 2) == 0) ? FORWARD : BACKWARD;

    int speed = (carstatus % 3) * carstatus;

    if (carstatus > 40) { carstatus = 0 ;}
Feb 12 2016 15:11
The problem is with 2 motors at once
One I'd ok, 2 is issue
When setting the second pin it goes lala....
Feb 12 2016 15:17
ok, will try with my second motor too. :smile:
Feb 12 2016 15:33
And th eissue is drivr
Drive, then stop
Not change dir 1023, and then 0
Feb 12 2016 16:50
In my bid to get Sming working on a Windows 7 laptop without admin permissions, I have made a list of Sming dependencies which is longer than I think is optimal. I would like to reduce this list to ease entry for new users and reduce the support burden. Although many of us have rich development environments on our main development machines, there may be some who do not or must develop on less well equipped systems. I would like to remove the following dependencies for app builds (not so worried about core Sming build yet): .net, Python. To this end, I have reimplemented memoryanalyzer as a purely c++ application. Is there an appetite for this? (Memoryanalyzer is purely cosmetic but builds fail without it which seems not ideal!)
Feb 12 2016 21:12
is there a way to login to a captivate portal, where u have to login to get interntet, like hotels and such
with esp ofcourse
Ivan Miskovic
Feb 12 2016 22:41
@alon24 The problem is in the file servo.cpp line 124 pins[i++] = ch->getPin(); It should be pins[i] = ch->getPin();