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Feb 2016
Feb 14 2016 12:56
hi .. does the last Sming stable release work with the SDK 1.5.2 ?
Feb 14 2016 15:35
@riban-bw :
It is good to have a clear notion/documentation on dependencies, including necessary admin rights.
If you submit an issue in the github repo with the informtion you have up till now, we can discuss from there.
On application vs framework : In the current distribution of Sming, the sming library is not included.
So every "application developement" needs framework compile first
Feb 14 2016 19:20
@hreintke I will share what I have done when I get a chance. I would recommend we provide libsming.a so that application developers do not need to compile the framework. The framework is supposed to make things easier - I started developing a simple application before Christmas and am still struggling with the framework and done nothing on the application! I want to make things easier for everyone so that we get people using Sming (and so that I can use it!!!)
Feb 14 2016 19:41
@riban-bw imho the actual implementation without build library is more flexible. It's just a 'make' to build it and you also can take it as final test that your tool chain is set up correctly
Feb 14 2016 19:51
@HappyCodingRobot There are a few dependencies that the framework has to build that app devs shouldn't need - but I am looking to document those and hopefully reduce the need. It is easy for advanced developers to forget that it can be quite a learning curve for some and any such obstacle may be enough to deter adoption. I would like to see Sming survive and to be accessible to as many people as possible, hence my desire to simplify access as far as possible.
Feb 14 2016 22:14
Hello All. I am trying to setup GDB in Eclipse Linux. when creating the remote debug configuration, there is no option for me to select serial as the connection
all I can see is an option for the GDB server
can anyone point me to the right direction? From what I read here, serial should be available but it's not