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Feb 2016
Feb 25 2016 01:42
Is there anybody out here?
I have a question regqrding the Vector in Sming
Skurydin Alexey
Feb 25 2016 06:40
Vector in Sming is comaptible to Vector in Arduino
Feb 25 2016 07:46
U should just ask the question, someone might help.
Feb 25 2016 10:00
Question: Is it possible to implement safe-boot-loader in ESP? Is it even theoretically possible to lock the firmware(or just the bootloader) on the ESP ?
Feb 25 2016 11:37
Hi. I'm following the chocolaty install for windows as described at however when I try to run make I get the following C:\tools\sming\Sming>c:\tools\mingw64\msys\1.0\bin\make.exe
C+ system/m_printf.cpp
In file included from c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\network\ntpclient.h:8:0,
from c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\SystemClock.h:7,
from c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\smingcore.h:18,
from system/m_printf.cpp:10:
c:\tools\sming\sming\smingcore\platform\station.h:36:25: error: 'SC_TYPE_ESPTOUCH_AIRKISS' was not declared in this scope
make: * [out/build/system/m_printf.o] Error 1
any help would be appreciated
Feb 25 2016 12:18
@Mair : You are using the wrong Espressif SDK.
The release notes and readme will show you the information but take SDK 1.5 and it will work.
Harry Böttcher
Feb 25 2016 12:22

Question: Is it possible to implement safe-boot-loader in ESP? Is it even theoretically possible to lock the firmware(or just the bootloader) on the ESP ?

Here is a excellent paper on that topic

Sming provides already a lot to get this working based on rBoot OTA. Right now there are no Security checks and there is no Device Authentication.
I will support a Batchelor Thesis starting in march that will cover the Device Authentication using ATME Authetication chips. Maybe ther is room to add some secure Firmware updates to. (BTW. i’m not workin for ATMEL ;)

Feb 25 2016 15:12
@harry-boe Thanks, I will take a look at the PDF.
Feb 25 2016 15:18

@alon24 :
On your Android Car app.

  • I don't get the "stop button" displayed on the joystick screen. Did you ever see that correct ?
  • I updated to change the text used to be English, and Send messages to be Json style.

Would you like to receive these ? If so I will PR to your repo.

Feb 25 2016 15:33
please pr, I will accept
the stop button is for the tuning fragment
it is not yet a fragment :)
but its in the workings....
Feb 25 2016 15:45
@hreintke Yip. That worked. Thanks a ton :+1:
Feb 25 2016 15:57
OK, will do.
Needs a little updating as I also changed some values used in the app (send every 250ms instead of 100ms, Max values of the BARs). Will move the values to the resource files. Then it can be moved to preferences later.
What I do see is that a single "push" on a button generates 2-4 messages (bouncing ?)
Feb 25 2016 16:08
it generates continusly until u remove the finger
my thinking is that the car will STOP if it gets no input (like if it was to loose wifi, signal, or just try to take over the world)
but if i have my finger on the joystick, it should obey its orders, and if i take the finger off, it goes to stop on its own
Feb 25 2016 16:23
I understand that behavior. reasonable.
And that the single push on the center of the joystick send multiple stops make the car even stop faster :smile:
But it also happens on the 9-axis buttons. And that will interfere driving/sending options.
Feb 25 2016 16:35
you cna also keep last working order in cache..
until new command arrives.. so you will save many messages and that time coupling
a good protocol is that android client.. generates a unique id for each command
you send the commadn with the id
and once you process on sming.. send ack with the id
so you knwo for sure that command was accepted
and if dotn receive the ack .. after soem tiem.. assume it was lost .. and send again
but do not send that amount of messages
and timming is not that critical
my 2 cents there
that is how I control mine :D
Feb 25 2016 16:54
I will look at the protocol suggestion
It is intended to work on the 9axis as well
Maybe not for stop. Commands...
Feb 25 2016 19:02
@robotiko :
There need to be done the necessary thinking and implementation.
Probably not all commands send to the car need to be confirmed. If commands contain absolute values and not relative, the next one to arrive will "repair".
If we really need confirmation, we might think on different protocols. I have implemented mqtt commandProcessing SmingRTOS. With a android client supporting qos maybe that is an option.
Georgi Dobrishinov
Feb 25 2016 20:10
Someone do you know how to change host name on ESP, in my dhcp list, stay ESP_9A5F25 : ) Tnx
Patrick Jahns
Feb 25 2016 20:57
I am trying to setup gdb , sming and eclipse in windows - building and flashing works - but I don`t find any settings in eclipse to connect via serial?
Feb 25 2016 21:06
@patrickjahns I'm on mobile. Check pr 350 link to a post with detailed screenshots
There is a screen about setting the port
Those screens are tricky.. Have many tabs do pay attention to it
And you will find it
Only change in Windows is the port definition
In our case
Simply COM8.. our your port number
Like in project to flash
Patrick Jahns
Feb 25 2016 21:10
I found it - I had to change the debug configuration - eclipse is sometimes really frustrating with these things. Too many things are hidden somewhere
Trying to get it working with sming framework instead of aplication - curious
Feb 25 2016 21:15
So working?
Patrick Jahns
Feb 25 2016 21:17
for the demo app yes
but for debugging inside sming framework no
Patrick Jahns
Feb 25 2016 21:24

always receive

Warning:\nCannot insert breakpoint 3.\nError accessing memory address 0x402393fa: Input/output error.\n

Patrick Jahns
Feb 25 2016 21:36

Now I manage to get these errors

warning: unrecognized item "T05" in "qSupported" response
Warning: the current language does not match this frame.
Unrecognised function prologue. Stack trace cannot be resolved. This message will not be repeated in this session.