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Mar 2016
Curtis Pope
Mar 19 2016 01:41
@teicors Yeah, it used to work where the ESP would still present the AP AND it would connect to the client network. It seems like now when client mode is enabled, it drops the AP which causes a problem with the browser. I'm gonna look at the changes and see if I can figure out what changed, but if you have any ideas, I'm all ears...this is a bad experience now when trying to use the configNework process
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Mar 19 2016 07:28
@piperpilot @teicors there is only one wifi phy shared between station ans softap mode, it shares same wifi channel, so when sta connects to router softap change channel and drops established connection. while station scans or try to connect some router channels hops and it is really hard to connect to esp own softap.. moreover on some older esp nonos sdk was some issues with some devices while they try reach softap. all this is known limitations of esp8266
Mar 19 2016 13:54
@avr39-ripe :
I created a lwipdebug branch in the rtos repo.
In the sming\compiler\lib directory there is an liblwip.a
Can you use that library instead if the sdk lwip lib and retest your application ?
Mar 19 2016 17:32

@avr39-ripe :
No need to test anymore. I found the combination error.

  • espressif updated an option within lwip
  • because of that sming needs to do an additional lwip call

Will update and test, then PR into RTOS

Mar 19 2016 17:33
@hreintke which issue dies this solve?
Mar 19 2016 17:34
When getting a large(r) number of http requests, the server will stop to respond
Mar 19 2016 20:43
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