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Mar 2016
Mar 31 2016 05:38
@firecube not yet. Some libraries are ported for plain c on esp8266 sdk and I am working on it but not yet
Mar 31 2016 20:51
@alonewolfx2 I wonder if I would be able to port something like the rc-switch arduino library? I am an experienced C# and JS dev just a bit new to C++. Is there another library that has been ported that would be good to look at for some pointers?
Alex Gray
Mar 31 2016 20:55
Mateusz Zakarczemny
Mar 31 2016 21:34
Hi. Could you explain me what is the difference between Sming itself and SmingRTOS?
Mar 31 2016 22:38
@alonewolfx2 that library worked straight away with no changes!
@alonewolfx2 maybe worth including in the project?