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Apr 2016
Apr 08 2016 07:57
maybe its module related i dont know well
@patrickjahns i reflashed and i did a couple power cycle and seems working.
if you can re-test i think its ready to merge.
Patrick Jahns
Apr 08 2016 09:00
I`ve experienced the powercycle/re-flash issue with a couple of other projects as well. Will test again and give feedback
Dmitry Kireev
Apr 08 2016 16:42
@hreintke I still need more testing.
@hreintke toolchain is ready, but some things are not tested / act weird
Mateusz Zakarczemny
Apr 08 2016 22:02
Hi, I have question regarding OTA. Is it possible to push firmware via http post? Or only pull based mechanism is supported now?
Patrick Jahns
Apr 08 2016 22:09


Currently the Sming Webserver does not support HTTP Multipart Posts (which fileuploads consist off) - thus there is no FirmwareUpdate via HTTP Post yet

If you scroll up - I am working on a HTTP Post feature - you are encouraged to test, verify and comment on the code to get things working soon
Mateusz Zakarczemny
Apr 08 2016 22:24
@patrickjahns Im quite new sming world will try to test your branch
Apr 08 2016 22:27
This message was deleted
@kireevco :
I would prefer to use the "current" toolchain. The one which has been in use already some time.
That would give the possibility to release the Sming versions and provide you the time to prepare the next version independent of that.