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Apr 2016
Dmitry Kireev
Apr 09 2016 02:06
@hreintke current one is still available. Feel free to use it, everything is on bony ray
Apr 09 2016 05:58
@kireevco can you update our choco install?
@kireevco sdk,eclipse links, java etc
still it has sdk1.3
Patrick Jahns
Apr 09 2016 08:24
@alonewolfx2 @kireevco
can you guys actually host the choco install on SmingHub? That way it is more indepentend from one single person?
Apr 09 2016 09:08
Hello! What i can initial flash ESP8266 of Sming?
Apr 09 2016 11:15
@kireevco maked choco package. @patrickjahns you are right. we need yo move choco in sminghub
Apr 09 2016 12:11
@kireevco :
But to be able to release correctly there need to be downloads with the NONOS 1.5.2 SDK and RTOS 1.4.0 SDK.
@planar74 :
The flashinit of an application (= not sming framework) clears the flash area which espressif uses to save wifi connection data.
Patrick Jahns
Apr 09 2016 13:11

I tested the HttpAuth examples and they do work for me - but maybe someone else needs to confirm?
The past days I experience random WDT withing Sming for any example. But then again sometimes my ESP needs a PowerCycle to properly work. Once it works - it works for hours/days properly (even with a reset)?

Could it be that with all the additions we reached some memory limits that might cause issues?

Apr 09 2016 13:18
@patrickjahns i will test it. i have one module on my one customer and its working very good for last 30 days without reset but its not lastest sming.
maybe its power issue. i will test it too.
Apr 09 2016 18:27
@ystrem is it presell?
Apr 09 2016 18:57
2 months presell
Apr 09 2016 19:01
@robotiko 4$ good price but 60days too much
Patrick Jahns
Apr 09 2016 19:04
I actually expected them to be much more expensive
lets see if the esp8266 will have a price drop then ;-)
Patrick Jahns
Apr 09 2016 20:00
@hreintke @alonewolfx2
I have a more robust http-upload ready for testing, feedback and comments
It includes an example application for testing various scenarios
Feedback is also welcome from anyone else ;-)
Once HttpAuth is merged I will enhance the example with an upload requiring authorization
If the interface in general is okay - i`d create a HttpFirmwareUpload class (for rboot firmware uploads)
Apr 09 2016 21:55
@alonewolfx2 hello my name is Attila.Do you remember me? I guess I fixed that problem. I got that error when I entered make "STANALONE=y".Then I changed the language Turkish to English. And I entered the "STANDALONE=y" build succesfully :smile: . I can flash the esp8266 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Apr 09 2016 22:31
is there a anyone use USB-Serial conver. on windows 8? I couldn't install the PL2302 and FTDI232 . I get a error "Invalid Data" I can just use them Ubuntu :worried: How to fix it without format I don't know