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Apr 2016
Apr 18 2016 06:58
@HappyCodingRobot :
No there is not. Sming library and application is platform agnostic so it does not need such a functionality.
For building, the platform differences are taken care of within the makefile-<platform>.mk files together with some code in makefile <project/rboot>. These are currently included after the and as such not usable there. Might be an addition to do to the makefile structure.
If you propose/PR we can see if and how we can integrate
Apr 18 2016 18:39
hello, it seems Sming (either develop or latest release) not yet support hardware Serial on uart1. After some researching, few people able to use uart1 by modifying core hardwareserial file, and I not comfortable with that. Its there any library or other mean to use uart1 for debug that not modify smingcore file?
and also i'm using esp-01 and cannot swap uart0
Apr 18 2016 19:29
@iqbaltek :
If you use SmingRTOS you can use uart1. There you can have :
HardwareSerial Serial2 = new HardwareSerial(1); -> will use uart1
And use Serial2 for output.