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Apr 2016
Patrick Jahns
Apr 23 2016 07:29 UTC
But, but, but you can still use your Arduino IDE and don`t need to learn something else :P
I really wonder what the benefits could be - the only thing that comes to my mind, is to use the AVR for dedicated multichannel PWM
otherwise expanding ESP gpios is easily possible ?
Mateusz Zakarczemny
Apr 23 2016 21:42 UTC
Does Sming supports subdirectories in spiffs? I have files index.htm, x and directories config, js but only files from root dir are added:
Adding files in directory 'files'.
Added 'index.htm' to spiffs (2041 bytes).
Added 'x' to spiffs (0 bytes).
Patrick Jahns
Apr 23 2016 22:15 UTC
That is not Sming related - please refer to the spiffs feature set: