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Apr 2016
Apr 25 2016 06:59 UTC
@alonewolfx2 :
Had the same symptoms lately. And after that once in a while. With me it (looks like, but it is difficult to trace) not to be module or Sming version related. My expectation now that it is related to the wifi connection. Mostly I get rid of it by just moving to another part of the room and/or connecting to another wifi station.
Harry Böttcher
Apr 25 2016 07:34 UTC
@harry-boe did you tried ili9341 on hw-spi
Not yet on RTOS. I did sucessfully did a quick port using the actual Adafruit library on NONOS with a ili9041 display. Have not done a PR for that.
But from the duscussion here i remeber that someone else was working on the same topic. The idea at that time was to get VNC running on those displays
Apr 25 2016 18:56 UTC
@harry-boe İ saw that vnc port and its very good
İt didnt fully work on my module btw