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Apr 2016
Mateusz Zakarczemny
Apr 28 2016 21:03


@Matzz we talked about directories in spiffs but i thing its not necessary

Directories are very useful when you have more complicated web page. I created PR for it

Hi folks.
I have some issues regarding hashmap. While investigation I found that Sming HashMap is slightly different from this one available in Wiring repo:
Wiring HashMap
Sming HashMap
For both repositories there is only one commit to this file. So what might be de reason of differences? Which one is newer?
Patrick Jahns
Apr 28 2016 21:59

Since the filename is limited to 31chars - also including subdirectories and subsub... limits the filenaming. It would be better to explicitely name the files properly (that would also not cause any further issues with paths later on).

General some remarks on the topic "large webpage" / "large webapp". You will have a larger delay fetching several small pieces of code compared to sending one file and caching it on the client

I am using the esp combined with a fairly large angularapp - I send 3 files (index.html, main.min.js and main.min.css) - all 3 of which are gzipped - sending several pieces was slowing down the loading times
index.html also includes several template files inline - not having to do unecessary requests afterward anymore. Communication between esp and app is done via json api (low overhead - fast responses from esp)