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May 2016
May 07 2016 08:55
@hreintke I'm so sorry .... I messed up my system when I moved toward the rtos environment... I fixed it and now it works; but I got an interesting behaviour about the ftp's bug: the command DIR under the old rtos works flawless (not SmingRTOS-FlashStream_rBoot_FTP) , but don't in the iot env.
I'll do some tests with SmingRTOS-FlashStream_rBoot_FTP late in the morning.
May 07 2016 10:15
This message was deleted
@teicors :
The "non behavior" within SmingNONOS is because it is not implemented there.
The correct working within master SmingRTOS surprises me. As far as I remember I did not fix/update in there up till now.
FYI : The fix uses elements only available within SmingRTOS and will not be backported to SmingNONOS.
May 07 2016 10:22
BTW : There is different behavior with different ftp clients. They not always react identical to the non standard replies of the current master version.
May 07 2016 15:07
@hreintke I'm trying to compile Sming from the repository SmingRTOS-FlashStream_rBoot_FTP, but I have some troubles :-|
C+ sming/network/UdpConnection.cpp
C+ sming/network/TcpServer.cpp
C+ sming/network/FtpServerConnection.cpp
In file included from sming/network/../core/FileSystem.h:13:0,
                 from sming/network/FtpServerConnection.cpp:5:
sming/network/FtpServerConnection.cpp: In constructor 'FTPDataStore::FTPDataStore(FTPServerConnection*, String)':
sming/network/../core/../include/sming_global.h:28:59: error: cannot pass objects of non-trivially-copyable type 'class String' through '...'
 #define debugf(fmt, ...) m_printf(fmt"\r\n", ##__VA_ARGS__)
sming/network/FtpServerConnection.cpp:106:3: note: in expansion of macro 'debugf'
Makefile:193: set di istruzioni per l'obiettivo "build/sming/network/FtpServerConnection.o" non riuscito
make: *** [build/sming/network/FtpServerConnection.o] Errore 1
var code = "formatted";
May 07 2016 21:44
@robotiko When I try to build the websocket client demo I get this error: c:/tools/sming/Sming/SmingCore/pwm.h:61:18: error: conflicting declaration of 'DriverPWM EspPWM' with 'C' linkage
I have imported the project with 'Makefile project with existing code'
May 07 2016 21:53
Don't know (yet) why that triggered an error with you and not with me but updated the debugf statement.
Can you retry ?