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May 2016
May 09 2016 10:53
HEy guys...
Workspace 1_027.png
Has anybody found way to resolve symbols from makefile - for example: "Symbol 'RBOOT_SPIFFS_1' could not be resolved" in eclipse CDT ?
Patrick Jahns
May 09 2016 10:58
They will be resolved during compilation
May 09 2016 10:59
OK, yes I know that - I am just iritated by this red "problems" that eclipse shows
But generally eclipse indexer should resolve this from mak files?
May 09 2016 14:28
After installing the websocket_client, the websocket httpserver gives these errors when I try to compile
c:/tools/sming/Sming/SmingCore/Boards.h:17: undefined reference to `WebSocket::sendString(String const&)'
Anybody got any idea?
May 09 2016 15:46
It does work again when I delete the pwm.h, pwm.cpp, websocketclient.h, websocketclient.cpp, clean the sming/sming folder and make again
May 09 2016 21:21
i've created a website using html and css
but can't upload the files in my website
tried usig filezilla
but it won't connect