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May 2016
May 12 2016 06:32
Can we have physical ethernet on esp8266?
Like phy connector?
May 12 2016 06:42
@zhivko :
I suppose you can port the Arduino ethernet library and connect a shield/board but that will not be integrated with the other tcp/http/... functionality of sming
May 12 2016 10:57
@hreintke that's the issue I do not, I will try digital read with polling
May 12 2016 11:12
You should get the same info from that.
What I mean is : You know which pin is high and which is low when you poll for the status.
My test was : I connected a esp output pin to mcp pin 7 and set to a value using digitalWrite.
In that way I know exactly what digital status to expect from the mcp->read
May 12 2016 11:54
@hreintke: I am asking because I updated to latest sming rtos - I see some disconnects of TCP
@hreintke: I haven't gathered console output :(
@hreintke: is there some open design for this arduino ethernet shield? What chip is it? I see arduino uses SPI to communicate with it
May 12 2016 11:59
Oh shit it costs 45 $ whole shield...
May 12 2016 17:32
@zhivko :
There are multiple options, I have a
"Ethernet/LAN netwerk breakout board/module ENC28J60".
Used it before I started with esp8266. There are arduino libraries available.
May 12 2016 17:40
Ok this seems small but still costs 34 $USD
May 12 2016 17:43
whoaaa yes! thanks !
this works on 100Mbps ?
@hreintke: another question - do you think interrupts functionality added to my prog could resuld in tcp connection dropping ?
May 12 2016 17:48
Yes it does support 100Mbps, but beware uses a lot of connections and I have no idea whether it is feasible for esp
If you keep the processing in interrupt routines low it should not interfere.
If you want to do more you can use the "QueuedInterrupt" from SmingRTOS which processes outside interrupt routine itself and in separate RTOS task.
May 12 2016 17:57
I just find now from sample basic smartconfig this line:
is this same as:
            wifi_pass.get(currWifiIndex), true);
    WifiStation.waitConnection(connectOk, 30, connectNotOk);
May 12 2016 18:03
I mean is it wrong to use WifiStation.enable(true); and WifiAccessPoint.enable(false); ?
May 12 2016 18:32
i'm trying to include smartconfig in my project and I am getting this:
20:30:48 **** Incremental Build of configuration Sming for project RTOS-Stepper-DM542 ****
make all 
C+ app/application.cpp
AR out/build/app_app.a
LD out/build/app_0.out
out/build/app_app.a(application.o):(.text._Z16smartconfig_taskPv+0x4): undefined reference to `smartconfig_start'
out/build/app_app.a(application.o): In function `smartconfig_task(void*)':
/home/kz/git/SmingRTOS/sming/sming/core/Delegate.h:61: undefined reference to `smartconfig_start'
out/build/app_app.a(application.o):(.text._Z16smartconfig_done9sc_statusPv+0x40): undefined reference to `smartconfig_stop'
out/build/app_app.a(application.o): In function `IDelegateCaller<void>::decrease()':
/home/kz/git/SmingRTOS/sming/sming/core/Delegate.h:61: undefined reference to `smartconfig_stop'
/home/kz/git/SmingRTOS/sming/ recipe for target 'out/build/app_0.out' failed
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [out/build/app_0.out] Error 1
Is there some special I need to include ?
Also I try to compile sample project:
and I get same project