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May 2016
May 31 2016 06:58
@Matzz :
No, there is currently no possibility to run parts of esp8266 applications on a host system.
In early days of esp8266 I have read about trials for n esp8266 emulator but never saw a partial/good result.
Erik Moqvist
May 31 2016 21:14
@Matzz If you're interested in running code locally and are open to use a different framework you can try Simba (it's implemented by me, so of course I think you should give it a try =) ). You can build for native linux with make, and for the ESP with make BOARD=esp01. There is documentation on readthedocs and on github Though, note the ESP is a fairly new port, so consider yourself a tester if you try it =)
Also, certain modules does not have a good linux implementation. Often you have to stub those interfaces in the unit test suite, or application.
To run the application, use make run.