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Jun 2016
Jun 18 2016 06:50
@all may be a stupid, or similar, question, but is there a reason to use the hspi instead of spi wasting 4 gpio? And where I can find a doc for fully undestand the diff between spi and hspi? I'm using a esp12-e. tks.
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jun 18 2016 09:39
@teicors spi flash occupied SPI by itself, so it is really hard to use spi pins for something else. there is some methods described to share spi with another than flash device but I do not know of real usage cases.
Jun 18 2016 17:07

@avr39-ripe if you look ar the example in Smin nonos if can find in ScreenTFT_ILI9163C/app/application.cpp the following lines

 * LED      (BACKLIGHT)   3.3v
 * SCK      (SCLK)        GPIO14
 * SDA      (MOSI)        GPIO13
 * A0       (DC)          GPIO0
 * RESET    (RESET)       3.3v
 * CS       (CS)          GPIO2
 * GND      (GND)         GND
 * VCC      (VCC)         3.3v
TFT_ILI9163C tft(2, 0);

so my question is "why dont use the SPI interface?"