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Jun 2016
Jun 26 2016 07:42
@HappyCodingRobot :
Within SmingRTOS the watchdog is much less likely to occur.
Is your situation that the same application within SmingNONOS works OK and within SmingRTOS gets WDT resets ?
Jun 26 2016 14:11
@hreintke the resets seem to occur long SPI transfers at low speed.
Jun 26 2016 18:48
@hreintke I ported the ILI9341 library to SmingRTOS. All seems to work fine, HW & SW SPI. But on complex graphics that needs long to write in a Task (e.g. line-demo..) the watchdog causes a reset. I used a sming timer for these tasks.
i'm not sure how to solve that ..
Are these timer tasks cooperative and prevent the wdt trigger?