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Jun 2016
Jun 27 2016 07:05
@HappyCodingRobot :
The execution within a Timer callback should be a short as possible to prevent issues. That is a limitation of the Espressif implementation. Should be identical in SmingNONOS and SmingRTOS.
A similar situation is with (pin) interrupt routines.
In SmingRTOS I created QueuedInterrupt and QueuedDelegates to support longer execution using interrupts.
They use RTOS tasks for execution outside the interrupt routine itself.
I will check if I can do the same for Timer callbacks.
Jun 27 2016 14:54
@HappyCodingRobot :
Can you use the QueuedTimer branch from SmingRTOS and retry ?
In there I changed the Timer class to always use QueuedDelegates. No need to update application.
It is the first trial, should be updated to make it a choice but good for testing.
Anyone else who want to give a try ?
Jun 27 2016 16:05
Hi all, I wonder why in SmingRTOS readme stated we can't use spiffs generated for NonOS while there's no difference between spiffy.c in RTOS and NonOS. Can Anybody tell me the reason?
Jun 27 2016 18:39
@iqbaltek :
Indeed the spiffy source is identical but the spiffs version and option settings used in NONOS and RTOS are different. The spiffs software is used/included in spiffy.
That is why the spiffs FS'es are incompatible.
Jun 27 2016 19:55
@hreintke ok, thanks :) i will try it as soon as my time allows ;)
Jun 27 2016 20:14
@hreintke great, it works ..
The slow drawing tasks now work flawless.
As my conversion/modification of the ILI9341 lib works with your queued timer, may i ceate a PR for it?
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jun 27 2016 23:34
hello! first time that I'm very confused.. why error ABORT occurs? how debug it? it isn't 100% reproducable, but it occurs; (