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Jun 2016
Jun 29 2016 00:37
@hreintke thanks for the info. Yah thats what I came up with too! I appreciate the response however.
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jun 29 2016 07:48

@all can anybody point me how to debug problem when app runs normal, and suddenly

 ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:1, boot mode:(3,7)

No additional info in log, just normal messages from app.. recent sming nonos + sdk 1.5.4
application runs normally for a while (random time when ABORT occurs!!) and then such bad thing :( Spend some time to google for such error - no luck. this message is from libmicroc and in this lib it is from abort() function, in Sming abort is called if run pure virtual function or deleted virtual function.. but in such cases error should be reproducible in time and there is additional info in app log, so this isn't my case :(

Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jun 29 2016 13:04
answer myself :) problem was in os_random - it works some time, about 1500-1700 seconds uptime and one time per 20-40 seconds os_random call and then just ABORT :( change it to pseudo random from WMath.h and all works less random :))) (works good if seriously, no aborts)
Jun 29 2016 14:29
@avr39-ripe :
FYI, the abort() function within SmingRTOS is not in libmicroc. I had duplicate defines with it when converting and removed it from microc. The current microc implementation is in