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Jul 2016
Jul 01 2016 07:13

@avr39-ripe :
If you provide a example which works in NONOS and not in RTOS I will check the issue.
For a hackish workaround you could use a Timer.

Timer t;
fire up SoftAP

I will also see whether this can be done using RTOS queues with QueuedDelegate.

Jul 01 2016 18:02
I have tried to set the hostname with this function: wifi_station_set_hostname() but it will not appeare in the list of clients on my router, before attempting to change the hostname, the router would find ESP_xxxxxx as the hostname. But it was still not possible to ping ESP_xxxxxx from windos. is there a way to do this in sming
Jul 01 2016 18:09
Sorry, it actually did work, I was probably not setting the hostname in the correct order
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Jul 01 2016 19:07
@hreintke I found similar solution, if I set some flag in STADisconnect and then in some timer delegate check this flag and fire up SoftAP it works in smingRTOS.. so we found similar workaround.. try many different way, but came just to this... moreover, if while connected to some AP in STA mode I change ssid&pwd to something inaccessible system wil crash one time... no such crashes with patched by me nonos... :(