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Jul 2016
Jul 16 2016 12:22 UTC
Hi! I followed TcpClient example "Sming/samples/TcpClient_NarodMon/", but in this example TcpClient is closing connection and is not permanent. How can i keep TcpClient connected.
Jul 16 2016 13:26 UTC
@gikvin :
In the client.sendString("#"+mac+"\n#T1#"+t1+"\n#H1#8\n#P1#712.15\n##", true); the last parameter is "forceCloseAfterTransmit" (optional, default false).
To keep it open use : client.sendString("Hello", false) or client.sendString("Hello")
Jul 16 2016 13:49 UTC
Thank you very much :D I was not able to figure that out. Thanks!