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Jul 2016
Jul 23 2016 06:33
@avr39-ripe seems very good. İt can be ported. Can anyone have time for this?
@hreintke did you try latest sdk for nonos?
Jul 23 2016 08:06
@alonewolfx2 Hi, do you maybe know will smingrtos be adapted for new 2.0SDK ?
Jul 23 2016 08:14
There was tweet lately about sdk 2.0
Jul 23 2016 15:35
@alonewolfx2 @zhivko :
Tricky part for sdk2.0 and the earlier 1.5.4 patch is that it requires a sector of "program flash"
-> the user needs to have detailed knowledge of the esp8266 flash layout to provide the required function.
Maybe there is an option to provide the function within sming -> sming should reserve a flash sector for usage of the sdk. Suggestions are welcome how to facilitate that.
But.. first step will always be initial testing of the new sdk with current dev branch.
Due to the first mentioned issue I have no plans to do that testing at this moment.
@zhivko :
Don't know what you mean : 2.0 is a NONOS SDK and cannot be used for RTOS Sming.
I expect Espressif will release a new RTOS SDK for which then SmingRTOS will be prepared for usage.
Jul 23 2016 15:51
@hreintke: OK thanks... In there is already rtos sdk 2.0 documentation...
Have you guys saw 5$ linux wifi soc?
Jul 23 2016 19:36

Does anybody have feeling about new sdk integration with sming?

@zhivko I am using this SDK: v1.5.2(80914727) and the NONOS version of Sming works just fine.