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Jul 2016
Jul 25 2016 02:33
@zhivko Linux is NOT RTOS... but even 8bit AVR can o RTOS
I vote: AVR for RT, Linux for Web
maybe ESP for RT
(didn't explored yet)
Jul 25 2016 05:49
You got a point here, but there are realtime linux oss like rt preempt, xenomai
Jul 25 2016 07:42
@avr39-ripe : The asyncwebserver and asynctcp use the same tcp functionality as sming.
The functionality is also roughly the same as sming.
My conclusion : It is an alternative to sming, not a package to include into sming.
Parts of it may be usefull to extend the http/tcp functionality. You can take a look at that specific extensions and try to adapt those.
Jul 25 2016 12:36
Hey, did anybody tried to send some email from sming? ssl and a proper smtp seems to be a challenge, so a working sample would be a good idea...
Jul 25 2016 20:23
@johndoe8967 : Did not see an email implementation up till now.
Sure ssl will be the challenge as that is not yet finished.
SMTP is not a difficult protocol to implement, maybe except attachments.