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Jul 2016
Jul 27 2016 06:42
@harry-boe :
Yes, the plan is to have a Sming32 or a Sming which supports both.
Will do some first steps to see how compatible both sdk's are.
For actual work including flash I need to wait to arrive something like the esp01 or nodemcvu2 with esp32 as I am not good enough in the physical stuff to go from chip level.
Harry Böttcher
Jul 27 2016 08:42
@hreintke I will run into the same problem. My plan is to design a little layout in Eagle and make a breakout friendly adapter bard on my PCB mill . But this has to wait after my vacation ;) Maybe I can send you some samples once it’s done
Jul 27 2016 18:54
Hello. We want to save configuration data which will be permanent even after updating firmware. Our esp8266 has 4mb flash, but we are not using all of it. We tried spi_write and spi_read on last sectors of flash but it is not working. After resetting or updating firmware data is lost. We are using HttpFirmwareUpdate to update esp firmware remotely.
Jul 27 2016 21:43
@gikvin : The very last sectors are used by the sdk to save the connection parameters.
Within the SmingRTOS there is a "flashstream" implementation. With the use of that you can read/write to actual flash locations. No need to use spi_read/spi_write yourself.
Jul 27 2016 22:00
Another option would be to use a SPIFFS Filesystem at a fixed location, keeping enough space for the largest application you expect.