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Jul 2016
Jul 30 2016 07:03
@dpechman :
First of all you should investigate why you are getting the wdt reset. All within Sming is event based and applications should be able to run without WDT.
On WDT : easiest and preferred is to move to SmingRTOS. By nature of the (usage of) RTOS the WDT issue will not occur.
I never used the WDT class before so the actual question on WDT class behavior should be answered by others.
Daniel Pechmann
Jul 30 2016 12:50
I have had some problems caused by failure of external components connected on the bus i2c. The external component fails and produces some kind of noise and for some reason and esp12e just freezing too. I then testing some methods to restart and keep the system running.
The first method that comes to head was just the WDT that was made for it. What is the utility for this class in sming if it should not be used?