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Aug 2016
Aug 03 2016 13:40

Hello everybody!
Thanks for your work on Sming. I much prefer it over Lua (NodeMCU) on my ESP8266 modules. As a first application I wrote some code to drive a 60 LED Neopixel link as a clock and identified some "issues" for my specific use-case.

  • SystemClock and RTC work fine but I had to completely replace it as I need millisecond resolution.
  • NtpClient also works but I need access to the partial seconds supplied in the NTP response

1 second resolution is simply not enough to keep the second-pointer on the clock from jumping because of some jigger in the timers involved (and NTP). Are you interested in a Pull-Request allowing sub-second access to the RTC? It adds some overhead (one additional multiplication and some types changed from uint32_t to uint64_t) but it should not be too bad.
And why are you running the RTC on local timezone instead of UTC? It makes stuff quite a bit more complicated, specially when dealing with DST corrections.