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Aug 2016
Alexander V. Ribchansky
Aug 04 2016 11:17
@tht I was also confused by local TZ in RTC.. I think we should have two versions of time aware subsystems, current, with less memory usage and compile selectable - which you suggest.. I, personally never YET need subsecond resolution.. But some day the need for it may arise, so it will be good to just recompile sming lib..
Aug 04 2016 13:22
@avr39-ripe @tht :
If it is only a few uint32->uint64 and the multiplication I see no reason to have it compile selectable. Just make sure it is backward compatible so current application need no update.
Aug 04 2016 15:05
Thanks for your feedback. I changed the implementation a little it to use nanoseconds instead of milliseconds. The resulting code uses the same number of multiplications. Looking forward to your comments on #763 .
I've already changed my clock to use this new accessor methods. SystemClock is my next candidate to integrate the higher resolution but I'll wait as #763 is a prerequisite.