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Aug 2016
Aug 05 2016 09:30
Something completely different… I think I don't understand the memory-layout…
I started using a copy of sample/Basic_rBoot , BIG_FLASH is enabled and SPI_SIZE set to 4M (I assume this is MegaBYTES). My understanding is, that I do have 1MByte available for ROM0. Is this correct?
My issue is that I get a .irom0.text will not fit in regionerror if I use espconn_mdns_init(...). It overflows by 426 bytes even though my rom0.bin is "only" 300kBytes in size. Shouldn't it be possible to have a much larger rom0.bin?
Aug 05 2016 14:08

@tht You have to take a look at the linker file and change the upper border of the irom0_0_seg to something like:


/ If you want to use max available then it should be something like /

irom0_0_seg : org = 0x40202010, len = (1M - 0x2010)

Aug 05 2016 14:13
@slaff: Cool, thanks! It works perfectly fine now. I've looked at this file before but didn't know what to change…