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Aug 2016
Aug 10 2016 17:47
hello :-)
I wanted to use the RX pin as an input because I do not need the uart and I'm short on IO pins on my ESP-01.
how can I set the pin mode from special to input?
Aug 10 2016 21:49
@johndoe8967 you can do that using the pinMode(pin, mode). For the RX pin should be something like pinMode(3, INPUT); or pinMode(3, OUTPUT); depending on what you need
Aug 10 2016 21:59
Ok i ve got 3 questions for now! :P
I am trying to work with the FTPserver and SPIFFS libraries. Both compiled perfect so i dont have real issues running them.
So first question is about FTPServer library. I noticed that it doesnt support some commands like PSV and MKD. Can we implement these?
Second question is about SPIFFS. I have a 4M flash and it creates a 512k spiffs system. Can i make it bigger? I need at least 1Mb and this is because i want to store a 512k file and a couple other files including a log file and a couple HTML pages.
Question number 3 is about the serial debug system. I know that the boot rom uses it to show some debug stuff during boot and that is fine. My problem is that i really need to use the serial interface for another job, so any debug messages showing up in the line will mess the whole project. Is there a way to redirect all the debug stuff in a file or something?
I tried this Serial.systemDebugOutput(false); with no luck and i ended up using this os_install_putc1(dummy_write_char); where dummy_write_char is an empty function and it works. Is this the correct way to do it?