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Aug 2016
Harry Böttcher
Aug 18 2016 09:41

@hreintke i just compiled the whole cryptolib and tested it with AES128 CBC algo. It works. Maybe @harry-boe has something better? I am interested in AES256 CBC and if EPS has one i would gladly take it. I dont want to use extra stuff that ESP already has in there, but not documented…

Sorry was offline for some time ..
The security stuff we are working on is athentication based on ECDSA (as implemented in the Atmel Crypto Chips). “Standard” crypto cyphers are not yet in my scope. However they are used to sign certificates etc. The Atmel crypto lib includes a AES-256 sw implementation for that purpose. The software ESDSA implementation we worked on has no AES just the ECC support. That’s ok for now as it only hadles the Asymetric operation with keys embedded in certificates that are external (server side) build. Last ting i discovered is that Epsressif already includes a AES-256 implementation in theyr SSL stack. However i have not yet worked with that one.
IMHO I would make sense to include the Arduino Crypto lin as part of the Security branch im working on. Maybe together with the working software ECC implementation. pls check out my fork here as reference
What do you think ?