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Aug 2016
Aug 30 2016 17:49 UTC
Using ESP8266 in mixed AP and Station modes to serve some pages. Is it normal for a 15kb page (including scripts and css) to do 15 seconds to load? Sometimes it does almost 30 seconds. Is there a SmingRTOS example to setup a webserver? Also what is the best way to upload and download files in SPIFFS using a webpage? An example would be great.
Piotr Dobrowolski
Aug 30 2016 19:42 UTC
I've just discovered funny thing. Sming.restart(); jumps to bootloader when running right after flashing. (That actually makes some sense, as bootloader is jumping to user code on request)
When ESP8266 is reset using external reset pin it does full reset, and thus Sming.restart(); works properly then.
I was struggling with OTA/rBoot for a couple of hours because of that...
Aug 30 2016 19:48 UTC
@psychegr :
I added the HttpServer_Ajax example. Did not fully test for now.