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Sep 2016
Sep 01 2016 01:55
Uart1 can only send I think. No receive.
So only tx no rx...
Today I connected esp8266 to wifi and i got wdt reset. Than to another wifi and no reset.
What can be so diferent in first wifi that it crashes esp8266? Has this happened to anybody else?
Sep 01 2016 15:06
ok i have another one. I am using the server.commandProcessing(true,"command"); to enable the command handler for websockets. Everything works fine and i have also created my own "command set" which works as expected. My question is about the format of the "processCommands(String commandLine, CommandOutput commandOutput)".
I want to transfer binary data with some of the commands. How would i do that if the input is a string? My plan is to do something like "WW T 05 .............", where WW is the command, T is for Transmit, 05 is the data length and ........ should be the binary data. I know that one way is to convert the binary to HEX strings and transmit it but that would make the packet at least 2 times bigger and i want to transmit packets of 2048 bytes.
Also another one, how can i create a task (freertos) inside the processCommands() that sends data using the
commandOutput? I am puzzled from all that.
Sep 01 2016 18:04
@piperpilot :
HardwareSerial Serial_uart1(1); will create the object to the uart1.
As @zhivko mentioned, uart1 is TX only due to the espressif design
Sep 01 2016 18:31
@psychegr : Not sure what you try to achieve and need to check the details -> please clarify
In SmingRTOS there is also processCommands(Command command, CommandOutput commandOutput),
Need to check on Command & Websocket. Within Websocket whole message is in command, how a partly binary message will be handled.
On the freertos task : I do not understand at all what to mean.
Sep 01 2016 22:09

@hreintke ok to be a little more clear. I am creating a class to handle the websocket commands. So in my class i am doing

commandHandler.registerCommand(CommandDelegate("test","test Commands","example test",commandFunctionDelegate(&myClass::processCommands,this)));

and the function is like this

void myClass::processCommands(String commandLine, CommandOutput* commandOutput)

i guess i could change it to something like

void myClass::processCommands(Command reqCommand, CommandOutput* commandOutput)

but what i would gain from that? Command works only with strings as far as i can see in the source codes. I want to transfer binary data just right after the command. Like WW T 05 ""binary data".
What i am doing now is to convert the binary to Base64 and transmit it like this WW T 05 Base64EncodedBinData.
Hope that this is more clear now.
On the freertos task. In the command handler i want to start a new task which takes a while and in fact it is a blocking function. I want this task to transmit to the websocket through the commandprocessing. Something like this

else if (commandToken[1] == "XX")
int xReturned = 1;
xReturned = xTaskCreate(readTask, (signed char *)"readtsk", 0x200, commandOutput, 2, NULL);
debugf("xTaskCreate returned : %d", xReturned);


void readTask(void* pvParameters)
commandOutput->printf("in task print");


readTask is a long task which blocks until it finishes. So i need to run it in a separate task.
I dont know if i can explain this better.

Also is there a buffer limit for the messages in websockets that i should know about? Like maximum bytes that it can send or receive?

Thank you for all the help @hreintke