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Sep 2016
Sep 06 2016 06:43
revert to earlier version of what? SmingRTOS or SDK 1.3.x ?
Sep 06 2016 06:55

@hreintke so you say that in rBootHttpUpate if I use this:

void rBootHttpUpdate::start() {
    timer.initializeMs(500, TimerDelegate(&rBootHttpUpdate::onTimer, this)).start();

it should work?

Sep 06 2016 09:19
@hreintke A lot of code depends on timer. If timer doesnt work we have broken SmingRTOS. Can you revert SmingRTOS to point where Timer still works?
Curtis Pope
Sep 06 2016 14:10
looks like the ESP32 is close, Seeedstudio had a pre-order for them. Says they are shipping on the 23rd of this month.
Sep 06 2016 15:17
I'm waiting for wroom32 module.. any news when it will be released?
Sep 06 2016 19:24
@zhivko :
The statement Timer doesn't work is not correct. I am using it within my app and the delegate example.
Will check what is wrong on basic_rboot
Sep 06 2016 21:49
I picked "QueuedTimer trial" version of smingRTOS - and then as you said timer is not crashing. I was refering to latest Sming version.