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Sep 2016
Sep 09 2016 10:34
@tiltism I think you need just to call this sdk calls in application.cpp.
you also need to inlude them in mk file - since this are sdk libraries
for example you need to know in what lib this function resides..
example from makefile-rboot: LIBS = microc gcc hal phy pp net80211 wpa crypto $(LIBMAIN) freertos lwip minic pwm sming $(EXTRA_LIBS)
Is there a way to change functionality pin1 from serial to OUT and then back to Serial output? Right now as I declare pin1 as OUT - then I don't receive anything from console
Sep 09 2016 14:59
hey @zhivko thank you for that... yes, I've been able to locate the sdk lib I need and it's not one that Sming seems to make use of: wpa2. It happens to contain all the calls for connecting to an enterprise access point. So, you're saying I need to add wpa2 on to the LIBS = line of my local makefile for my project? then I can call the function directly from my application.cpp? or would I require something additional like an extern "C" to include the function call? I really appreciate any help you can give me, thanks